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Learn the Sustainable and Innovative Approach on Building Homes from the Philippine Leader for Property Technology

The Affordable Housing Summit 2021, happening on November 12-13, 2021, will feature Emma Imperial, President & CEO of Imperial Homes as a resource speaker in the panel; discussion, “Sustainable and Innovative Approach on Building a Home.”
The exciting panel discussion will cover Imperial Homes, pioneering technologies, solar and Connovate. The event itself is primarily targeted to millennial first time homebuyers, who happen to be Imperial Homes’ loyal supporters.
“Our High-Performance Imperial Homes family is mostly made of millennials who seek to elevate the Philippine real estate industry. Incidentally, most of our homebuyers are millennials too! With 78% of our buyers falling under the millennial age group, I am sure that sustainability and resiliency are now the most important factors in choosing a first home.” – Emma Imperial, President & CEO of Imperial Homes
Each TATAG Home Imperial Homes is equipped with solar panels that not only saves money, but also saves the environment. Every kWh of electricity generated from solar is a kWh not sourced from harmful polluting power plants.
With Connovate’s high-performance characteristics, the TATAG Home is resilient against hazards like typhoons, earthquakes, and fires. Because of its material strength that is 20 times stronger than traditional construction material, each home can last up to 100 years.
These sustainable and innovative technologies empower every Filipino to participate in the global battle against climate change.

Join the Affordable Housing Summit and be inspired by Imperial Homes’ leading innovations in real estate. Register here: