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Emma Imperial

Emma Imperial: Getting to Know the Iconic Woman Behind Imperial Homes’ Success

Emma Imperial

Everyone dreams of running their own company. Some people want to be their own bosses, while others stumble upon a business opportunity that isn’t currently available in the market. While there could be numerous reasons why anyone would start their own business, they all have one common characteristic – they all provide the chance to finally build on your own dreams instead of someone else’s. And that’s exactly what happened to Emma Imperial.

Emma Imperial is the President and CEO of Imperial Homes Group of Companies. While she didn’t start holding this position until the passing of her husband, she has always been passionate about the real estate industry. With over 30 years of experience, Emma has gotten to where she is, not just due to her skills, but also due to her dedication and positive outlook in life.

Most real estate companies focus their efforts on big developments that will rake in the most profit. However, Emma decided to prioritize low-cost housing projects that will provide more affordable housing opportunities for lower income earners. While it can be tempting to shift priorities to projects with bigger margins, Emma Imperial has stood steadfast in her mission to develop cost-effective homes for all Filipinos.

Imperial Homes Corporation can credit their much of their success to the courage and determination of their leader. Emma has not only been able to set up numerous low-cost communities, but she has also improved and disrupted the low-cost housing segment with her bold ideas and innovative solutions.

Just 5 years ago, Emma set her heart on developing the first mass housing community in the Philippines to be powered by solar energy. Via Verde, located in Sto. Tomas, Batangas, launched in early 2015 with the objective to deliver quality affordable homes, while giving residents access to renewable energy that could significantly decrease their electricity bills and their impact on the environment.

The project was so successful that it was recognized by the World Bank-International Finance Corporation, the Financial Times and International Finance Corporation (IFC), and received the World Bank’s EDGE Certificate for Green Building – the first certificate given to a mass housing developer in the country.

Emma has proven that owning and running a business is anything but easy. It’s well worth it – but it’s definitely not easy. She has worked long hours in countless pursuit of her dreams and her vision for the Filipino people. Her company has built over 15,000 homes for low to middle-class citizens and she has no plans to stop anytime soon. She is the epitome of strength and resilience, and a true inspiration for all businessmen and professionals.


Photo Courtesy of Entrepreneur Philippines

For inquiries, feel free to contact us at (02) 807-8405 or 0977-8549632.

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Six Simple House Maintenance Hacks


Home repairs can be a tedious and sometimes even an expensive job especially when you need to hire a professional to get the job done for you. They can also be complicated and intimidating when you think about doing it yourself, plus there is always the fear of doing even further damage when you try to repair something on your own.

However, there are some repair jobs that you can surely do for yourself. Having a home maintenance plan and knowing the basics of home repair can save you a lot of time and money. Here are 6 simple Home maintenance hacks that you can surely DIY.

Bathroom/ Toilet Repairs

Water leakage in the bathroom will not only cost you a high water bill, but it can also cause water damage to your bathroom floor. If you are suspecting a water leakage in your bathroom, the first thing you can do is to add red food coloring in your toilet tank. In this way, you will be able to see if water is spilling out of it. If there is red water coming out of places it shouldn’t be, then you have a water leakage. The best thing to do is to replace the old washer with a new one.


One of the most commonly recurring household issues is Drainage clogging. This is because fats and oils from the food we cook and eat accumulate in the drains. If you have a clogged drain, all you need to do is pour boiling hot water and dishwashing soap onto the drainage so it may emulsify the oil and unclogging the drains.

Air conditioning

Aircons are one of the costly appliances to do a repair on that’s why it’s also one of the most overlooked appliances to have checked. Regularly inspect the condensation hose to make sure that water can flow freely. Always make sure the screen or aircon filter is free from dirt and dust so that air will keep flowing easily.


If your refrigerator has black coils on the back, make sure you clean that area regularly to avoid dust build. The coils are the ones that keep the food inside the fridge cold, and if they are dirty, they will not work efficiently and may stop cooling altogether.

Doors and Hinges

Getting annoyed by squeaky doors and noisy hinges? Try using a cooking spray to put on a little slip on the hinges so they will stop making any noise.

Cleaning out the carpet

No matter how careful we get, there will always be dirt lying around or on our carpet. Use a squeegee to remove hair or dirt from a carpet. You’ll be surprised at how good a squeegee is at doing this job.

How about you, which hacks will you be trying out immediately?

Get the best houses for your family and enjoy an environment-friendly community with Imperial Homes. Contact us now for inquiries!

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Solar Powered Houses

The Top 5 Benefits of Solar Powered Houses

Solar Powered Houses

Solar panels have been an important contributor in today’s economic and ecological status. They have become one of the primary alternatives to electric energy. In fact, most houses nowadays are slowly adapting to solar panels in order to conserve energy wastes and expenses. Though both of these factors are just a couple of benefits that can be attained from solar-paneled houses, there are many more things that make this one of the primary choices in today’s modern housing.

1. Cost-effective

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of a solar-powered house is that it greatly affects your house bills. It is one of the most cost-efficient energy sources that are capable of offsetting about 70% of a home’s electric usage. With this, many families are starting to invest and have their own solar-powered homes that can help them save money.

2. Environment-friendly

Another benefit of solar-powered houses that need to take note of is how it makes solar energy a harmless source of energy. The use of solar panels worldwide is greatly encouraged because it recycles solar energy which is very convenient and safe. This helps reduce toxins and pollutions that are being produced by the traditional non-renewable resources.

3. Sustainability

In relation, the fact that solar panels help reduce toxins and pollution makes them one of the primary factors for a sustainable environment. The continuous utilization of solar panels minimizes the production of greenhouse gases, and avoid the impending disaster of global warming.

4. Renewable energy consumption

Solar energy is not just a form of sustainable energy but also a form of infinitely renewable energy. It is given that the energy used by these solar panels are coming from the sun. Hence, this continuous cycle of utilizing solar powered energy is less likely to end not until the sun dies. Perhaps, this what makes solar-powered houses so efficient and in-demand for many household families nowadays.

5. Healthy Conservation

Another benefit to taking note of is the safe environment conservation that solar energy brings. With the ability of solar panels to recycle solar energy, it prevents the production of harmful elements which may be responsible for the threat of the survival of the living organisms here on Earth.

All these benefits are within your grasp! Imperial Homes Corporation is primarily engaged in the development of modern leisure villages, middle income as well as low-cost housing projects. We are one of the country’s strong proponents of environment-friendly leisure communities. Our wide array of houses are equipped with sustainable solar panels that will surely bring the most out of your household living.

For more info, you may contact us through these numbers:

Alabang – (02) 807-8405 / 807-8415

Bicol – (052) 480-5729

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Batangas propeties

Featured Community: Our Properties in Batangas

Batangas properties

With Manila being over congested, locals are choosing to move further away from the city. In the last few years, there has been a growing demand for homes just outside of Metro Manila. More people are turning to areas in Calabarzon primarily because they still enjoy city living but at a more relaxed pace.

The province of Batangas is favorable for anyone looking for a comfortable home in a highly established area. Its strategic location at the southwest of Luzon Island provides easy access to business districts, educational institutions, health facilities, and commercial centers.

If you’re looking for your next home at Batangas, check out these three residential communities by Imperial Homes:

Via Verde

Via Verde is the first solar-powered mass housing community in the Philippines. This housing project appeals to middle-class citizens looking for pocket-friendly investments that are also environmentally sustainable. Each home is on a 40 square meter lot with a total floor area of 36 square meters, which includes 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet and bath, and a spacious living, dining, and kitchen area. Despite the homes being low cost, it is equipped with a 500-watt solar panel to minimize household power consumption and reduce electric bills.

Located at Sto. Tomas, Batangas, this community guarantees first-class living to all its residents at low cost. Via Verde’s home models are also globally recognized by the IFC/World Bank for meeting global standards for Green Building.

The Venetto heights

If you’re looking for a residential community with more flair, then The Venetto Heights might be the right one for you. With lot areas ranging from 70 square meters to 100 square meters, this community is perfect for new or small families looking for their first home without a sky-high budget. The Venetto Heights has a contemporary design concept, which appeals to many modern homeowners. The site also provides scenic views of Mt. Makiling and is near two major roads – Maharlika Highway and Sampalocan Road – making it easily accessible from any destination.

The Venetto Heights provides a comfortable living for all types of people. Interested homebuyers can choose from two-story townhomes to one-story or two-story single detached homes, which bear all the necessities for an affordable yet cozy lifestyle.

Imperial South Meadows

Due to the increase of the industrial, manufacturing, and construction businesses in Batangas, more homebuyers are looking for affordable housing near the area. Imperial South Meadows is the community of choice for affordable quality homes. Located at Sto. Tomas, this residential community is designed with a Southern American concept with lot areas up to 70 square meters, and townhome floor areas ranging from 18 to 30 square meters.

Sto. Tomas is a prime choice for residents given its advantageous location near commercial, retail, educational, and medical establishments.

Imperial South Meadows is ideal for raising families in an affordable, yet comfortable manner. It is conveniently located near the South Luzon Expressway and is easily accessible through multiple modes of public transportation.

So if you are looking for the best quality yet affordable home, Imperial Homes has a wide array of properties that will surely suit your taste. Check out our various communities and contact us for more information!

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Innovative house

Imperial Homes: Innovative Housing for a Better Life

Innovative house

For more than 30 years, Imperial Homes has been one of the most established and innovative real estate developers in the Philippines. Imperial Homes is known for primarily engaging on the development of modern leisure villages, middle income as well as low-cost housing projects.

Driven by its commitment on providing the best environment-friendly houses, Imperial Homes Corporation or IHC has received so many awards and recognition. It continues to develop more properties to cater the housing needs of Filipinos who are willing to invest for efficient and durable homes.

Imperial Homes Corporation is founded and handled by Ms. Emma Imperial as the President and CEO of the company. In 2016, she was awarded as one of the FWN 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World for her outstanding prowess on managing her business and inspiring other Pinays to strive for the betterment of their lives. Ms. Emma Imperial envisions a future with even low-cost communities running in inexpensive, environment-friendly solar power, hence, the Imperial Homes properties.

In her interview with the Asian Dragon back in 2015, Ms. Emma Imperial shared the amazing history of IHC and how it becomes a successful business in the long run. It was in 1983 when the then wife of late lawyer and Legazpi City mayor Gregorio Imperial Jr. had a brilliant business. “My husband and I were just starting to build a family. But I knew I could do something more where my education and my work experience could be put to good use. I thought of establishing a Montessori school in Legazpi City (Albay, Bicol) because my sons were already starting to go to school. I also put up a poultry farm because there was none at that time in our place. I always think of going into a business that is untried and untested; this challenges me and really drives me,” she said in the interview.

With a meager capital of P200,000, Ms. Emma was able to establish the Imperial Homes Corporation which led to the development of middle income and low-cost housing projects. Since then, the company was able to expand their reach and gave a better housing option for many Filipinos living in the Luzon area,

IHC’s properties are located across different locations like in Batangas, Bicol, Cabanatuan, Cavite, and Las Piñas. The company has a wide array of property type ranging from Basic Communities, Solar Powered Communities, and Vertical Communities. Each community has a distinct characteristic that sets it apart from other real estate properties.

With their innovative ideas and an environment-friendly advocacy, there’s no doubt that Imperial Homes has gone a long way on developing the best real estate properties in the Philippines. Contact our Sales agents for more information on how you can own one of our properties!

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