Choosing the right furniture

Choosing the Right Furniture for your Home

Choosing the right furniture

Aside from complementing the architectural design, furniture further improves your home’s overall beauty by adding a sense of personal touch and authenticity. Moreover, these home essentials provide comfort, convenience, and play respective function for your daily activities.

It is really important that you are aware of the things that you should consider when purchasing furniture for your home. Thus, it will ensure that you got what is just right for you and your house without consuming too much space. Having the right and stylish furniture will add on to the nice ambiance inside your own cocoon.

So, we have listed down some tips that can be helpful for your next furniture shopping.

1.)  Notice the construction. A solid and heavy-looking furniture can be ideal if you want to provide a sturdy outlook to suggest strength and sustainability for your home. Solid wood frames last much longer which is one of the standards of a fine furniture. And if you’re buying a sofa, make sure that its cushion provides comfort, try to have a sit test first before purchasing.

2.)  Choose the right silhouette. Make sure that the general shape of the piece is trendy and will stand the test of time. Pick the one that fits your taste in style and something that you will love now and even in the future. Furniture is also a part of your investment so it’s better that its style and functionality will be able to survive a long-term span.

3.)  Check the finishing. The stain or the finish color of a furniture is important especially if it has an exposed wood. There are a lot of furniture piece that can be transformed from traditional to stylish by just simply changing the color of it. For example, a plain beige center table can be repainted with black and some gold linings. Just make sure you’re really good at balancing colors

4.) Look for the unexpected. You always have the choice to go from traditional to unconventional. Having an unexpected element on your furniture is an ideal way of creating a more personalized and unique outlook. A different style of tufting on your cushion, an elaborated cabinet door knob, or a nailhead detail is a great plus. It is always better that your personal touch is apparent with all the stuff that you put in your house.

One great way to make it easier for you to spice things up inside your home is to know what you really need without compromising the aesthetic details. Choosing the right furniture for your house can really be a tough job if you want it to be perfect and ideal for your house. Hence, you must follow a certain design plan to keep a track of your ideas. This will keep you safe from impulsive buying of stuff that you don’t need.

Also, upon having the ideal furniture for your house, make sure to have a floor plan for its placement in its respective area. This is to avoid clutter that will make your home space look smaller.

And if you are planning to move into another house and doesn’t have an idea of what housing brand you should trust, choose Imperial Homes! Let Imperial Homes lead you to the right home that best suits your lifestyle and your family needs.

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Real estate philippines

Featured Community: Our Property in Las Piñas

Real estate philippines

Just a stone throw’s away from Manila is the highly urbanized city of Las Piñas. It is one of Metro Manila’s fastest growing communities and has been known to be one of the most peaceful cities in the metro.

Las Piñas is highly regarded for their Bamboo Organ, which was declared a National Cultural Treasure in 2003. Apart from this historical instrument, the city is also home to Sarao Motors, an automotive manufacturing company that designs, produces, and distributes jeepneys – the most popular form of transportation in the country.

Las Piñas is a prime choice for individuals and families looking to move to a bustling city that is within close proximity to Manila. With the construction of the coastal road in the mid-80s, it has become easily accessible to the CALABARZON region, or more commonly known as the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon.

If you’re looking to escape the city traffic and overall congestion of Greater Metro Manila’s inner cities, consider Casa California Exclusive located at the heart of Las Piñas. This first-class subdivision, established by Imperial Homes Corporation, features Hispanic-style homes inspired by houses in Sacramento, California.

Homes in Casa California Exclusive include single attached homes with Zen-inspired landscapes and 2-story duplexes for bigger families. Since the community is located along the main road of BF resort, it also offers limited 3-story shop houses for entrepreneurs looking to set up retail or boutique shops near their place of residence.

Find your next home at the heart of Las Piñas City at Casa California Exclusive. Contact us at +632 807 8405 for more details.

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Modern house

Home Trends: A Look at New Housing Models for 2018 and Beyond

Modern house

House development is one of the most challenging necessities throughout time. A good and comforting home is hard to find. Many people nowadays have multiple factors that they are seeking for a home. With the continuous evolution of housing construction and industry, it is crucial to determine what are the new trends and models that make a house satisfying and comforting. If you are looking to purchase a new home for you or for your loved ones, then you may want to consider these 2018 housing trends first.

Large-scale development

Large-scale development strategies are one of today’s housing trends. Many housing developers and companies are establishing wide housing developments such as apartments, condominiums, etc. This creates a sense of housing community for many people as it provides the same sort of homes in the right places, at affordable prices and with a legacy in mind. If you are looking for a home built from large-scale development plans, then you need to take note of those construction companies that are trustworthy and had a reputation for creating high-quality, and long-lasting units.

Cost-efficient housing design

Another housing trend that you may want to look out for in the next couple of years is the development of cost-efficient houses. Nowadays, a well-designed house is very affordable as many architects and housing developers are continuously finding affordable but long-lasting resources. Alternatives for housing materials such as wood, cement are being replaced by other affordable and durable materials. The land space and is also a factor for these cost-efficient houses as architects are finding ways to provide a spacious home without compromising the land limitations. There is a reason why there are many modern looking houses/apartments that are trending and are not expensive for the common buyers.

Alternative and developed housing communities

Lastly, alternative housing communities that focus on environmental consumerism and eco-friendly approach will soon be probably taking over the housing industry. Many communities are providing solar houses that diminish the everyday expenses of the buyers. Since electricity is one of the most expensive bills for every household, most housing companies are starting to invest in an eco-friendly housing development in order to provide consumers with a more efficient and affordable house.

With all these housing trends slowly lurking up in today’s household communities, it is important that you have a trustworthy housing community that can provide you with all of these factors above. Imperial Homes is one of the country’s strong proponents of environment-friendly leisure development. Our housing communities are eco-friendly as we are pushing to establish houses that are solar powered. You can choose your preferred house from our wide array of community villas all over the country.

For more info, you may visit our website at

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maximize space for small home

Small Spaces: How to Maximize the Space of your Small Home

maximize space for small home

With Metro Manila’s rapidly growing population, more people have turned to the convenience of living in a smaller home. Condominiums are being built left and right and that’s because more people are investing in these small spaces. Even though they are a bit of a huge financial investment, there is a level of comfort and convenience, especially to those who are working, knowing that you are just a few steps away from a bus terminal or a mall. Plus, there is a smaller area to tidy up if you live in smaller spaces.

One con of a small place is it’s small. Which means there is only so much room for you to work around with in terms of interior designing and fixing up your furniture. But don’t worry about it is no dead end. Here are some ways you can maximize the space of your small home.

Shrink your furniture

If you’re living alone or with just a few other people, consider ditching the big furniture. Invest in smaller, yet sturdy pieces. For example, you can ditch the giant dining table and instead, opt for a small round table that can give you some extra space.

Maximize your wall space

Try to be more creative and strategic when it comes to the placement of your home decors. For example, you can opt to mount your TV set and sound system to give more space in your living room. Need an office space without sacrificing floor space? Create a wall desk. You can even mount shelves above it for more storage space.

Invest in versatile furniture

Stylish, functional, and multi-purpose. You should invest in furniture that does not only have one purpose. Get a sofa bed that you can sleep in at night, and use as a sofa for taking in guests during the daytime. This way, you can really get the most out of your furniture while saving a lot of space.

Customize your cabinets and dressers

Ready-made furniture sold in retail stores tend to have a standardized size. These sizes might not be suitable for your small place. The best thing to do is have a woodworker create cabinets and dressers that is customized and unique for your space.

Mirrors are your best friend

Lastly, and probably the oldest trick in the book, install a lot of mirrors to give you the illusion of a bigger room. Mirrors make your space feel larger, lighter, and airier.

The best part of moving into a new house is getting to decorate and design it in any way that you want! Now that you have these tips to guide you in designing and decorating your space, it’s time to enjoy your new home.

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group of house

3 Factors That Makes a Community a Home

group of house

For some, it is easy to define a house as a physical location wherein people live and rest after a day’s work. It is a sense of haven for many as they live out their everyday lives with their loved ones after a tiring day. Although houses come in many different sizes, most people just see it the same way, a physical need and a factor for survival against outside threats. However, the idea of a home is much more subjective. A home is where people have shared experiences and have a relationship foundation to each other. It is not just limited to a person’s personal space or house but rather spreads throughout the community. Defining a home taps more on the emotional investment from the people. But how can an individual truly call his/her community a home? Here are a few factors which maybe you can relate to or consider if you are looking for a home

1.)   Peace & Equity

It is safe to say that all people, if not, most people don’t want to live in a community that is filled with conflict and disputes among the house owners. It is a must for every person to have a home that allows them to fulfill their right to peace and equity. If you are planning to move into a community, make sure this is in the top of your checklist.

2.)  Unity of the people

A great sense of belongingness and acceptance from the people in the community is also an important factor for a home. Neighbors who are willing to help and are working alongside each other to improve the community is one of the things that you need to prioritize for your new home. Of course, having a positive and cooperative attitude on your end is also important to truly feel the comfort of your community.

3.)  Environmental Sustainability

Lastly, a community that is not well-developed and not taken care of is not a home at all. So, make sure to help with the sustainability of your community and promote any action that will make it better. You don’t want to come home to a place that is not environment-friendly and full of wastes.

These are just some of the important factors that you may want to consider for your community. It is essential to have a home that is surrounded by peace, unity, and sustainability. Here at Imperial Homes, our mission is to develop leisure communities that promote peaceful and environment-friendly living. We want you to feel the safety and comfort that you have been looking for a home. For more info, you may visit our website at


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