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Connovate Philippines Inc. and AboitzLand: A Partnership to Sustainability and Resiliency

Connovate Philippines Inc. (CPI) and AboitizLand formalized their partnership during a Virtual Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing on November 22, 2021. The collaboration sealed the deal on the supply of Imperial Composite Panels made from Connovate’s high-strength concrete technology to AboitizLand’s premiere beachfront property in San Juan Batangas — the Seafront Residences.

Connovate is an advanced pre-cast technology from Denmark that uses high-strength but eco-friendly concrete materials, promoting resiliency and sustainability in construction. It is the best Danish Building High-Performance Concrete Precast Technology in the market today for residential properties like Seafront Residences, fostering a sustainable and resilient home, community, and environment. The unbelievable speed of this cutting-edge technology will boost the project’s marketability as it will allow faster property turnover.

Healthy home and life
Seafront Residences promises a fulfilling life for its residents as they wake up every day to the harmonious sound of the waves, the calming fresh air of the sea, and the soothing salt water of the beach. However, the sea salt exposure of this master-planned beachfront community causes rapid deterioration of the house. Good thing the almost-zero permeability feature of the Imperial Composite Panels keeps the structural quality, prevents corrosion, and mold formation, protecting the homeowners’ health.

With Connovate, homeowners can fully enjoy an elegant and relaxing home by the sea designed by Budji+Royal. The superior strength of the panels makes them resilient to various climate risks like fire, earthquakes, and typhoons. The panels are designed to withstand up to 8.4 magnitude earthquake and up to 240 kWh wind velocity during strong typhoons.

Connovate’s construction technology is another competitive advantage for Seafront Residences, increasing market value and differentiation.

Connovate and Seafront Residences are indeed champions in promoting a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. With Connovate’s 100-year material lifespan, every home is a statement of triumph worth celebrating for a lifetime.

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Learn the Sustainable and Innovative Approach on Building Homes from the Philippine Leader for Property Technology

The Affordable Housing Summit 2021, happening on November 12-13, 2021, will feature Emma Imperial, President & CEO of Imperial Homes as a resource speaker in the panel; discussion, “Sustainable and Innovative Approach on Building a Home.”
The exciting panel discussion will cover Imperial Homes, pioneering technologies, solar and Connovate. The event itself is primarily targeted to millennial first time homebuyers, who happen to be Imperial Homes’ loyal supporters.
“Our High-Performance Imperial Homes family is mostly made of millennials who seek to elevate the Philippine real estate industry. Incidentally, most of our homebuyers are millennials too! With 78% of our buyers falling under the millennial age group, I am sure that sustainability and resiliency are now the most important factors in choosing a first home.” – Emma Imperial, President & CEO of Imperial Homes
Each TATAG Home Imperial Homes is equipped with solar panels that not only saves money, but also saves the environment. Every kWh of electricity generated from solar is a kWh not sourced from harmful polluting power plants.
With Connovate’s high-performance characteristics, the TATAG Home is resilient against hazards like typhoons, earthquakes, and fires. Because of its material strength that is 20 times stronger than traditional construction material, each home can last up to 100 years.
These sustainable and innovative technologies empower every Filipino to participate in the global battle against climate change.

Join the Affordable Housing Summit and be inspired by Imperial Homes’ leading innovations in real estate. Register here:

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Moving Cities to a Cleaner Future

Climate change has been a global concern posing numerous discussions on how to mitigate its catastrophic effects, threatening life as we know it. The call to create sustainable solutions and adequate actions need collective efforts on various societal organizations. 

Held in the United Kingdom, this year’s UN Conference COP26 entitled “Moving Cities to a Cleaner Future” focuses on how cities can create significant contributions in addressing climate change.

Ms. Emma Imperial, the President and CEO of Imperial Homes Corporation (IHC), joined the global event as one of the speakers. As the woman leader behind the first solar-powered resilient community in the Philippines, Ms. Imperial gave valuable insights on how a green, technology-driven, and sustainable housing community can be a potent agent in mitigating climate change, solving housing backlog, and even alleviating poverty.

Incorporating sustainable technologies like solar and Connovate high-performance concrete panels into residential homes, IHC reduces CO2 emissions while providing utility savings to homebuyers.

IHC, as the first developer in the country awarded with an Advanced EDGE Certification by the International Finance Corporation, pledged 100% of its developments to be Net Zero Carbon ready by 2030. “We knew that there is no other way of going green than fully committing ourselves to the vision of a greener real estate,” quipped Ms. Imperial. After receiving this EDGE Milestone, IHC secured green financing for their homebuyers, creating a more viable scheme, allowing easy access for every Filipino into a sustainable community.

She also added that “As more home buyers get access to sustainable and resilient homes, the market will become more interested in investing in eco-friendly houses, forcing real estate developers to switch to innovative technologies.

Ms. Imperial and IHC started the green revolution in the affordable housing market in the country, and she is now encouraging other developers to integrate sustainable, resilient, and innovative technologies into their projects.

It is indeed high time to put all our actions together to create a better and greener home — our planet.

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Transforming the Philippines into Asia’s Capital for Solar-Powered Resilient Smart Communities

Emma Imperial, President & CEO of Imperial Homes, attended the National Developers Convention 2021 as a resource speaker in the panel discussion “ROI of Green.” In the discussion, Emma Imperial reaffirms that building green is the only way forward for the real estate industry.

By building green, homebuyers unlock the financial benefits of sustainable and resilient technologies.

An Imperial Homes’ TATAG Home is built with Connovate High-Performance Concrete and equipped with solar panels, giving homebuyers the best value for their money.

A home purchased at Php 2 million now made from the resilient and eco-friendly Connovate panels with 100-year material lifespan, appreciates with an estimated value of Php 10.75 million after 30 years, compared to a home made from brick and mortar.

The 2.4 kWp net-metered solar solution can save up to Php 1.9 million or 256% yield over their monthly amortization. For a community with 550 houses, a staggering Php 1.16 billion savings on electricity for 25 years is created for our homebuyers.

Imperial Homes is also the first recipient of Green Financing. Pag-IBIG’s higher appraisal and NHMFC’s Balai Berde program are among the financing institution’s initiative to support sustainable developments.  Through Balai Berde, homebuyers get access to loans with as low as 3% interest rate. This is incredibly lower than the current rates of about 6.25% in the market, making it easier for middle- and low-income homebuyers to participate in green real estate.

To make these technologies widely available to every Filipino, Imperial Homes believes that all developers should participate in greening the real estate industry.

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