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Transforming the Philippines into Asia’s Capital for Solar-Powered Resilient Smart Communities

Emma Imperial, President & CEO of Imperial Homes, attended the National Developers Convention 2021 as a resource speaker in the panel discussion “ROI of Green.” In the discussion, Emma Imperial reaffirms that building green is the only way forward for the real estate industry.

By building green, homebuyers unlock the financial benefits of sustainable and resilient technologies.

An Imperial Homes’ TATAG Home is built with Connovate High-Performance Concrete and equipped with solar panels, giving homebuyers the best value for their money.

A home purchased at Php 2 million now made from the resilient and eco-friendly Connovate panels with 100-year material lifespan, appreciates with an estimated value of Php 10.75 million after 30 years, compared to a home made from brick and mortar.

The 2.4 kWp net-metered solar solution can save up to Php 1.9 million or 256% yield over their monthly amortization. For a community with 550 houses, a staggering Php 1.16 billion savings on electricity for 25 years is created for our homebuyers.

Imperial Homes is also the first recipient of Green Financing. Pag-IBIG’s higher appraisal and NHMFC’s Balai Berde program are among the financing institution’s initiative to support sustainable developments.  Through Balai Berde, homebuyers get access to loans with as low as 3% interest rate. This is incredibly lower than the current rates of about 6.25% in the market, making it easier for middle- and low-income homebuyers to participate in green real estate.

To make these technologies widely available to every Filipino, Imperial Homes believes that all developers should participate in greening the real estate industry.