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eco-friendly house

Eco-Warriors: Eco-Friendly Practices and Habits You Can Start at Home

eco-friendly house

As more and more environmental issues arise, it definitely makes a big difference that more people are becoming environmentally-conscious. Fixing the world’s biggest environmental issues will not happen overnight, that is why environmental warriors are encouraging everyone to start even if it’s just through simple and small eco-friendly practices. Besides, being environmentally conscious doesn’t just help mother earth, but it saves you A LOT of money as well. And what better way to start your eco-journey than through your own homes?

Here are some of the 5 easiest ways to jumpstart your green-living lifestyle:

Buy Secondhand Items

Buying secondhand big-ticket items like drawers, tables, and chairs will save your household a ton of money. Some household items are still durable and usable despite the age. Buying secondhand items will save you a ton of money, plus it helps reduce environmental impact.

Reduce Food Waste

High amounts of food waste are being produced daily in a regular household. There is an estimate of about 30 cents or around Php 16.00 of our food budget end up being wasted away because of food spoilage or expiration from buying excess food. The best solution is to put excess food in the fridge because food left outside in normal temperature can easily spoil. When you go for a grocery run, make sure you buy ingredients that you will really use. Also, practice going to the grocery store maximum once a week, if possible, when the fridge is almost empty.

Drive Less, Walk More!

You won’t believe how much carbon footprint an ordinary person emits when he/she uses a car every day! (It’s 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year for an ordinary passenger vehicle.) We know that here in the Philippines, it can be quite difficult to walk or bike going to work given that the CBDs are very centralized, but if you can, look for work that is closer to your home and requires less travel time and options. If you can, opt to walk or bike going to and from places. It’s not just good for the environment, it’s also good for your health.

Reuse Containers

There’s been a long debate about the use of plastic containers. Many would argue that what’s the point of using plastic containers when plastic itself poses a lot of danger to the environment. The truth is, plastic containers, when used properly, can actually be eco-friendly. What’s harmful to the environment are the single-use plastics- the once provided by convenience stores, small restaurants, etc. So ditch the straws, plastic plates, and utensils. It won’t take a lot of effort if you start reusing and recycling glass and plastic food containers, or make it a habit to bring your own reusable utensils when going out.

Start your own mini garden

The taste of your own homegrown produce is AMAZING. Plus, it’s a great way to get the family together and bond. Grow crops that you would enjoy eating yourself so you can find pleasure in growing them. You can choose leafy vegetables that you can easily cut and still, they’ll keep growing.

In contradiction to what many would say, practicing green living isn’t that difficult and expensive after all. It might just take a bit more effort, but that effort is worth it if it means that we are saving the earth.

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