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Solar energy

Can I Really Save Money by Investing in Solar Energy?

Solar energy

Sustainable living doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, if it’s costing you money, you’re probably doing it wrong. Solar power is one form of sustainable living that has been gaining momentum all over the world in the last couple of years. With electricity prices going up year-on-year, and environmental issues more evident than ever, consumers have been looking for alternative forms of energy to cut costs and lessen their carbon footprint.

There are a lot of misconceptions with regards to solar energy and how they can benefit consumers. One myth is that it is very expensive to install. While it can be costly to install a solar panel system, the price that you will be saving on your electricity bill will make up for the difference. The solar panel system should be treated as an investment and not as an expense.

So how much can you really save with solar energy? It will depend on 3 factors – your location, your total energy consumption, and how many solar panels you have installed in your home. The Philippines is the perfect location to utilize solar energy. Since the country has a tropical climate, it receives a lot of exposure to the sun throughout the year.

Before investing in solar energy, it is recommended that you take a look at your current electricity bill. The higher your bill, the more likely you are to benefit from switching to solar power. However, since energy consumptions change every month, the amount of savings also varies monthly.

A solar energy system equipped with 1,000 watts is enough to power a home with one refrigerator, two electric fans, a television set, two chargers or laptops, three LED lights, a washing machine, and a rice cooker. If you plan to purchase additional appliances and electronics, you may also want to consider installing more solar panels in the future.

Solar energy is ideal for families looking to contribute to have a cleaner and greener society, while also reducing their electricity expenses. Although it was thought to be an expensive alternative, costs for solar energy have drastically decreased in the last few years. Today, low-cost housing projects with solar energy exist.

One such project that has gained numerous accolades is Via Verde, a community developed by Imperial Homes Corporation. Launched in 2015, Via Verde became the first mass housing community in the Philippines where every home unit has a solar solution with lithium battery installed in it, allowing homeowners to experience and enjoy lower electricity bill giving them the chance to enjoy a more comfortable life.

Imperial Homes Corporation is committed to delivering affordable, yet innovative homes to all Filipinos. For more information, contact Imperial Homes Corporation at (02) 807-8405 or (0977) 854-9632.

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