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  • Who is the developer of Tagaytay Meridian?
    Imperial Homes Corp., a well-established family corporation headed by Ms. Emma M. Imperial, is developing Tagaytay Meridian. IHC has been in the business for 20 years building affordable houses like its contract with Ayala Group of Companies to provide affordable homes for its many employees. Currently the company has branched out into leisure development and Tagaytay Meridian is its second family-oriented leisure project while the company continues to get more raves from buyers of its first leisure project in San Pablo City, The Lakeside farm and Fishing Resort Village. Tagaytay Meridian is located in Barrio Tartaria Silang, Cavite, a mere 10 minutes to the famous Tagaytay Taal Vista Lodge. This leisure project will have its own commercial area, clubhouse amenities and sports center amidst the luscious forest which the architect planners will incorporate in the area. This is conceived to cater to young executives and Filipino Overseas Workers as a retirement Mecca or a home to come back to.

  • Who are the team behind the Tagaytay Meridian?
    The powerhouse behind the Neo Asian Concept is headed by Architect Marcos De Guzman Jr., the Master planner, and Ernest Santiago, a well known international Filipino Designer who is known for his ingenuity for Filipino-Malay-Asian inspired interiors and design concepts. Architect Dante Sayzon will do the landscape and the amenities of the project.

  • What are the available vacation models for Tagaytay Meridian?
    The models are single homes, twin homes, and townhouse. The floor areas are between the ranges of 55-100 square meter floor areas.

  • What are the sizes of the lots?
    Lot sizes range from 84-170 for single homes and twin homes and 55 to 70 for town homes. Corner lots and lots near the park command a premium price.

  • Is Tagaytay Meridian a vacation or residential place?
    Tagaytay Meridian is classified as residential. Therefore it can be used as residential or a second home. A unique advantage of this classification is that it's a vacation home within the vicinity of Sta. Rosa, the Makati City of the South. One enjoys the city's amenities and the cool and crispy climate of Tagaytay City. The leisure village is developed on a gentle slope with a captivating view of the nearby Sta. Rosa, Laguna, the Laguna de Bay, Mt. Makiling and the Tagaytay Mountain Ranges. The 31-hectare development shall provide the residents of Metro Manila and the Southern Tagalog region as well as Filipino overseas migrants an alternative for a zen inspired abode and a well-planned, beautifully landscaped surroundings.

  • Are there restrictions on the expansion of the house?
    There will be restrictions which the buyers will follow on the expansion or renovation of the housing units. The architectural floor plans expansion will be attached to the restriction documents which the buyers will conform to.

  • Are there house and lot packages? What are models and sizes?
    Tagaytay Meridian will be sold as house and lot packages and has a special package where the package we call, Mori Jacuzzi with Meditative Garden, made with indigenous stone materials comes free with a purchase of a house and lot. To avail of this special package, 30% down payment is required payable in 6 months including the succeeding 6 months amortization. Only after fulfilling the requirements will the Mori Jacuzzi with Meditative Garden will be turned over to buyer.

  • What is the available financing for the house and lot packages?
    For the In-House Financing:

    • 30% down payment payable in 6 months with 0 interest. Balance of 5 years at 10% interest or for 10 years at 12% interest.

    • 30% down payment payable in 12 months with 10 % interest. Balance of 5 years at 10% interest or balance of 10years at 12% interest.

    • No Down payment with terms of 5 years at 10% interest or balance of 10 years at 12% interest.

    The house will be turned over to buyer upon 30% payment of the contract price while the free Mori Jacuzzi with Meditative Garden will be turned over after the 30 % have been paid and 6 months amortization.

    The above financing terms are Dollar/Sterling/Euro/Singapore$ In-House contract. A Peso contract in house financing is available for qualified buyers at an interest rate of 19% for 5 years and 21% interest for 10 years. The Peso contract can also be coursed through local bank financing to get lower interest rate. It is required that after 90 days from date of reservation, a letter of Approval from any local bank be issued in favor of IHC. Upon submission of the letter of approval from bank and completion of 30% down payment and the balance of 70% paid by the bank, the unit and the free Mori Jacuzzi with Meditative Garden will be turned over to buyer.

  • What is the No Down payment scheme package as advertised abroad?
    This is a special new package for international buyers payable either 5 or 10 years based on Dollar/Sterling/Euro/SingaporeDollar Denominated sales Contract. The FREE Mori Jacuzzi Garden will be turned over after the equivalent of the 30% down payment is paid for the house and lot including the equivalent of 6 months of amortization. There is no foreign exchange conversion benefit when one chooses the NO DOWNPAYMENT scheme.

  • What is the difference a Dollar/Sterling/Euro/Sing$ Denominated and Peso Denominated Contract?
    A Foreign Currency denominated contract is paid in US$ or Sterling or Euro/Sing$ and carry a lower interest rate than a Peso contract. The company (IHC) carries the financing of the contract and will require an authority to have an automatic payment arrangement with a foreign bank for the buyer's monthly payments. A Dollar /Sterling/Euro/Sing $ denominated contract is paid in dollar, Pound Sterling, or Euro and Sing Dollar and carry a 10% interest for 5 years and 12% interest for 10 years.

    A Peso denominated contract is paid in Pesos and carries a 19% interest for 5 years and 21% interest for 10 years.

    Once contract is signed, buyer cannot change from a dollar to a peso contract or vice versa. This protects IHC from any fluctuations of the currencies and other inflationary factors.

  • How can one take advantage of the higher exchange rate for foreign currency in purchasing our homes?
    There are 3 ways when a buyer can take advantage of higher foreign exchange rate:

    • Buyer Pays Cash. If a buyer buys cash, the foreign exchange current rate is used and the buyer immediately gets the cash discount of 7% if paid within 15 days and a foreign exchange conversion savings or discount * based on the balance in Dollar/Sterling/Euro/Sing$ or any other foreign currency contract price. The international buyers are advised to borrow from their local banks to get the discounts.

    • Buyers Pays Cash on Balance after paying the 30% Down Payment:
      The buyer pays cash the balance of the Contract Price. The balance will have a foreign exchange conversion savings or discount * based on the dollar, Sterling, Euro, Sing $ if paid in full. The chance to avail of the discount disappears when the balance falls below 70%. There is no discount when the NO DOWNPAYMENT option is chosen.

    • Buyers applies with Pag-IBIG Fund or any other local funding institution: The buyers can apply through Pag-IBIG Fund or any local institution to take out the balance of the 70% which will also have a foreign exchange conversion savings or discount * on the balance in Dollar/Sterling/Euro/Sing$ or any other foreign currency if paid in full.

    * The foreign exchange conversion savings or discount will be computed based on the current foreign exchange rate computation at the time when the balance of not less than 70% of the total contract price is paid in cash or taken out by Pag-IBIG Fund.

  • Is there a schedule for prospective buyers to see Tagaytay Meridian?
    There are ocular visits we call tripping schedules. These are made 7 days in advance to provide enough time for the arrangements of vehicle and guide. For overseas clients, you may arrange the actual site inspection with our representative in your country and they will contact your relative for the tripping schedule.

  • Is Tagaytay Meridian accessible to the main road? Hospital? Malls? How about
    Telephone lines? How far is it from the market, supermarket, and church?

    All public modes of transportation are available along this Sta Rosa - Tagaytay Road. The site may be reached within 15 minutes from the Exit of Sta Rosa. Vehicular traffic is often moderately heavy during the weekends as holiday-seekers and travelers to Tagaytay pass through the Tagaytay-Ulat Road. The Tagaytay-Ulat Road plays a major role in the development of the area linking Tagaytay with Laguna and Batangas.

    Among the commercial areas which is within 3 kms from its vicinity are the Paseo de Sta. Rosa Mall, Rustan, Waltermart, Uniwide and the Tagaytay Public Market and branches of major banks situated near the project area. Recreations may be made through the Enchanted Kingdom, Splash Island, the Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club, the Conglobing Golf and Country Club, Ayala's The Country Club, Riviera Golf Club and the Manila Southwoods are just a stone-throw away. Institutional areas include the Don Bosco School, the Dominican College, San Agustin School, and the Philippine Union College.

  • Are there any other restrictions in Tagaytay Meridian?
    A Deed of Restrictions bound buyers in the interest of sanitation, security, aesthetics and the general welfare of the community.

  • What are the type of development do you have in Tagaytay Meridian when it comes to roads, water, electricity, other amenities and security?
    The clubhouse, sports recreational facilities which will include basketball, tennis and badminton court will be part of the project's amenities.. There will be a lot of Art Décor Focal points designed by Ernest Santiago in each of the open space and a lusciously lined up forest trees will surround the perimeter of the recreational area. A boutique type of commercial center will be built along the Tagaytay Balibago Road before you enter the Tagaytay Meridian.

    Cemented main road will be 15 meters in width and the inner roads are between 8-10 meters width. Interconnected water and electrical supply will be available to the houses inside the village.

  • Does the property have a title? If so when do we get the title?
    The properties have titles and will be transferred to the buyer's name once the lot is fully paid. Since the property is31 hectares, the re-subdivision and titling of the titles from the mother titles to the buyer's individual title would take some time. This would depend on the area. When the lot is already resubdivided, transfer to the buyers name will be 3-4 months giving including the time allowance we provide due to the backlog in the processing of the titles in major cities or towns in the Calabarzon area.

  • Is VAT (value added tax) included in the pricing?
    Yes, it is already included.

  • Is there any discount if down payment is paid in cash?
    Yes, buyer can get as much as 7% discount from the actual down payment if it is paid within 30 days from reservation.

  • Is there a discount if the Total Contract Price is paid in cash?
    For Cash Payment on Total Contract Price:
    Payment within 15 days----- 7% discount
    Payment within 30 days----- 5% discount

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